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This is the first post in NUTS - Narutards United Through Subtitles!
I think I'm a little overly ambitious when I say this but...I hope to have a meeting of some of us at Otakon2006.

Here's what you do to introduce yourselves! I'll go first.

Name: D
Age: 16
Location: Havenotown, PA
Favorite Characters: Orochimaru, Sakon, Kimimaro, Itachi, Chouji, Gaara, Lee, Kakashi
Favorite Couple(s): OroSasu, ItaSasu, KakSaku, OroJira, OroKabu, GaaLee, LeeSaku, ShikaIno, InoChou
Reason for joining: I created the community to try to make a statement about my utmost disgust with the dub and the Americanized shit that HotTopic is selling because anime suddenly became "cool" and "worthy enough" to be sold in their stores. I'm angry ^_^
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