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Narutards United Through Subtitles [entries|friends|calendar]
Narutards United Through Subtitles

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[06 Dec 2006|06:13pm]

Name: Winter
Age: 21
Location: Boston MA
Favorite Characters: Shikamaru, Yondaime, Asuma, Temari, Neji, Kakashi, Jiraiya
Favorite Couple(s): ShikaTema, NaruHina, NaruSaku
Reason for joining: I'm not exactly a fan of the dub myself. But honestly, I'm looking for other naruto fans who might be interested in joining a little roleplaying game a friend has put together. Also I wouldn't mind some people to keep in touch with for naruto. (Heard the filler is finaly ending)
Check out that RP www.freewebs.com/thenarutonation
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[06 Nov 2006|03:41am]

Name: Kitura
Age: 20
Location: Terrace, BC
Favorite Characters: Shikamaru, Yondaime, Asuma, Naruto, Temari, Neji, Kakashi
Favorite Couple(s): SasuNaru, ShikaTema, KakSaku, KakaNaru, NaruHina, NaruSaku, KakaIru, SasuSaku
Reason for joining: I also dislike the dub. I think a lot of dubbing has not been very good to most anime. I want to be at a place where I can love the series for what it is without either having no one understand what the heck I'm talking about or dissing me just because I mention 'like' (or other similar verb) and 'Naruto' in the same sentence.

I don't consider myself an expert on Naruto, but I do like this series so much that I'd call it an obsession ^^;
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[07 Mar 2006|07:55pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Name: hitomi
Age: 15
Location: boston, ma.
Favorite Characters: temari, sasuke, deidara, sai, orochimaru, kimimaro, haku, orochimaru, anko, shizune, tsunade, gaara
Favorite Couple(s): temari/anko, tsunade/shizune, orosasu, orokimi, sasu/tema, sai/sasu, sasori/deidara, oro/anko
Reason for joining: Well, three years ago I paraded around our local malls in my Naruto hitai ate... I went a few monthes ago and some guy made a remark "hey, you're the third person i've seen today wearing that thing..."

its a bit irking that there are many people who proclaim themselves as 'biggest narutard' or 'number one sasuke fan' when they really don't know much about the show//charectar. most of those people havent read any of the manga.

so i saw this community...and i thought 'sounds interesting'. so i joined it. ^^ i'm not really into bashing the lesser naruto fans though... but it's quite lovely to meet people who know what they're talking about n_n



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WELCOME! [03 Mar 2006|09:27pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

This is the first post in NUTS - Narutards United Through Subtitles!
I think I'm a little overly ambitious when I say this but...I hope to have a meeting of some of us at Otakon2006.

Here's what you do to introduce yourselves! I'll go first.

Name: D
Age: 16
Location: Havenotown, PA
Favorite Characters: Orochimaru, Sakon, Kimimaro, Itachi, Chouji, Gaara, Lee, Kakashi
Favorite Couple(s): OroSasu, ItaSasu, KakSaku, OroJira, OroKabu, GaaLee, LeeSaku, ShikaIno, InoChou
Reason for joining: I created the community to try to make a statement about my utmost disgust with the dub and the Americanized shit that HotTopic is selling because anime suddenly became "cool" and "worthy enough" to be sold in their stores. I'm angry ^_^

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